Are You Ready to Join a Band..

That's a tough question that we've had to ask ourselves at one time or another. We've got a few pointers that should make making the decision a little easier.

1) Do you actually want to be in a band? Being in a band can take a lot of time and committment, there's weekly practices to attend, songs to learn in your spare time and a LOT of diplomacy. If you're not prepared to put the time in, you're probably not ready to be in a band.

2) How long have you been playing? This isn't such an issue to be honest. Drums are by far the most accessible instrument (that DOES NOT mean easiest) and if you've really put the work in you should be able to play along to most rock songs in 6 months. That means a basic beat with some fills, not playing "Tool" songs in 7/8 moving into 15/4.

If you can play a few variations of a 4/4 rock beat with some basic fills at ~130Bpm you should be fairly safe with a rock band. Punk bands (ala Blink 182) tend to play a LOT faster so choose your band carefully.

3) Do you have some friends who want to be in a band? This is usually a great way to start as you already know each other. My first band was with 2 other friends at school which was great fun whilst we were doing it. If you don't know anyone, don't be afraid to put yourself out there and reply to ads looking for a drummer.

Joining a band is BY FAR the quickest way to improve and is great fun to boot. Playing with other musicians will sky rocket your progress on drums and we personally couldn't recommend being in a band enough. There are bound to be tough times in any band but you have to take the good with the bad.

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