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Are you looking for a place to practice either by yourself or with your band? Check out some of the establishments on this page. Don't forget to tell them where you found them if you happen to book a room ;)

Ruff Rockers (Uxbridge)
Description: A great place with some great staff behind the scenes. Their prices range from 12 upwards at peak times (i.e evenings and weekends) depending on which room you book. They have 5 rooms ranging in size from small to large.

Telnum: 01895 255999
Location: Google Maps

Sanctuary Art of Sound (Watford, Herts)
Description: Friendly staff, lots of rooms and plenty of parking, what more could you ask for? Prices start from 12 (as I recall, but call for details) and their rooms are all very nice.

Telnum: 01923 288177
Location: Google Maps

If you have a practice studio you would like listed here (for free btw), please contact us with some details and we would be happy to add you.


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