Buying a Drum Kit

Although drums have never been more affordable, there's still some way to go before you can get a good starter kit for the same money that a guitar would cost (but who wants to be a guitarist anyway). However, there are definitely some diamonds amongst the duds in the drumming market and very often for less than you'd expect.

You really need to decide on your budget BEFORE you go to a drum shop, any decent shop will have kits ranging from 200 to 4000 and that doesn't usually include cymbals, sticks, stand and other miscellaneous bits and bobs you'll need.

Far too often we read articles on buying drum kits but the writer never actually suggests a particular brand and model. Although it may not be the popular decision in some circles there's a good reason that the Pearl Export drum kit can be found at almost any practice studio in the land. They're tough, parts are easy to find and they sound pretty good (when tuned with the right heads), overall a great starter kit that will keep whoever is playing it going for many years. If a drum shop, doesn't stock Pearl Exports we would be very surprised.

However, that's not to say it's the best choice for everyone, a basic export will set you back around 600 (though there are deals knocking around and a bit of haggling never hurts either) which isn't cheap for a beginners kit. You should be getting hardware (cymbal stands, hi hat stand, stool, bass drum pedal & snare stand) for this price so make sure you do some research online before you go to the store.

If your budget won't stretch to an export, don't worry you still have plenty of options open to you. Please be aware there are a lot of cheap kits on offer at the moment for 200 with cymbals, hardware and a stool, sounds like a great deal eh? Unfortunately not, these are generally the very cheapest kits you can buy and we just couldn't recommend them. They tend to be made by CB and Performance Percussion to name but a few, but believe us they aren't a great starting point.

Mapex make some excellent kits and you can usually pick up something that is streets ahead of the super cheap kits for 300; for 100 you are getting a MUCH better kit so it's got to be worth it hasn't it?

Don't forget that there are also lots of 2nd hand drum kits advertised on eBay, Loot and Adtrader going for half what they cost new. This can be a great way to pick up a complete drum kit including cymbals for 200-300. If you need any specific advice on buying a drum kit why not contact us, we're always happy to offer specific advice based on your budget and requirements.

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