Gig Survival Tips...

So you've joined a band, spent hours practicing your songs (we hope) and now you've got your first gig coming up. You're excited, nervous and everything in between, but there are a few things you need to consider BEFORE the night to make sure you've got all the bases covered.

1) Spare Snare Head - If you turn up to a gig without a spare head/skin for your snare, you deserve what you get. There's no telling what will happen at a gig and usually, everything that can go wrong does. Buy a new skin and put it in the bottom of your snare drum case (you do have a soft/hard case don't you?)

2) Water (Lots of) - It can get REAL hot on stage and you wouldn't believe how much you'll need a drink of water after 2-3 songs. Get a couple of bottles of water to take on stage, you'll be glad you did.

3) Spare Sticks - If I see one more idiot come to a gig with one pair of sticks, I'm going to do something decidedly unpleasant to said drummer. Unless you're 100% sure you'll never drop/break a stick you NEED at least 2 pairs. I take 3 pairs to a gig which unless I'm incredibly unlucky/clumsy should be enough.

4) Emergency Kit - Every drummer should have an emergency kit consisting of the following:

This is the bare minimum that I take to a gig, check out our other articles on gigging for some more information on what to expect.

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