Choosing Cymbals for Beginners..

If this is your first set of cymbals, you may wish to consider buying one of the more budget range sets until you're 100% that you (or your child/partner/whoever) is definitely going to continue with the instrument. A beginners budget can be eaten up VERY quickly by buying some more expensive cymbals.

Some examples of beginner series cymbals include:

By no means is that a comprehensive list of cymbal manufacturers, it really just depends which ones you prefer. There isn't a single manufacturer who makes the "best" cymbals, I personally prefer Sabian for a number of reasons which I won't go into in this article, but all the manufacturers listed above make very good cymbals for beginners and professionals.

We're often asked what do you need to get started? This is pretty easy in most cases. As long as you have the following you'll be equipped with everything you need to make a start and you can add extra cymbals as you go along.

We would recommend you budget approximately 150 for cymbals on a first drum kit, though many drum shops will do you a deal if you're buying your first drum kit at the same time. Make sure you ask them to do you deal and throw in some sticks at the same time.


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