Mental Aspects of Drumming Part  Two - How to practice... 

Okay, so that’s the ‘physical’ side of how understanding the mental side of drumming can help our confidence and encourage us to practise. Now here is the other side – HOW we view our practise, performance and goals can also make a huge difference. So this is really the thought processes we can harness rather than the biological aspect as above.

I take great care to point out the following to my students, in an effort to boost not only their confidence, but faith in achieving their personal drumming goals: When you watch you role model drummer, be it Weckl, Gadd, Smith – whoever, and you think ‘Jees, I’ll never be that good’ – then DON’T!!

DON’T think like that. I know that these guys have years of experience, years of playing and usually a certain amount of natural ability, but if you think like this, you’ve sold yourself short before you’ve even begun.

Remember this; - the ONLY main difference between you and these guys is time. They have often had 8 hours a day to hone their craft for years. Most of you guys are either in full time education or holding down a day job. So you do not have this kind of time to practise – but come on, we already know that humans work the same – the more you repeat something, the better you get, the stronger those neural pathways become; so to close the gap, to get closer and closer to being as good as these guys is getting in as much practise as you can. The pros are not super human – they ALL got as good as they are by doing the same as you – practising with vigour and passion and joy!

So okay, we may not ever get the time to reach the skill level of these drumming heroes, but you must take confidence and excitement in knowing that it really is only the amount of time you’ve put it that separates you from them – and take on board the fact that keeping this at the back of your mind should spur you on to better yourself again and again and again!

You CAN be a great drummer – you CAN be as good as you wish you were now. Just put in the time and it WILL pay massive dividends.

Join us for the final article in the series that deals with subconscious reinforcement.

Author: Steve Rigg

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