Drummings Mental - Part Three...

Last but my no means least, is another strange but wonderful phenomenon that occurs in the old brain box – I call it ‘subconscious reinforcement’ – sounds creepy, eh? But relax, this does not involve any surgery! It’s an observation I have made from years of practise, and you may already have discovered it yourself.

I find time and time again that this happens; I’m in a regime of focused practise of a particular technique, and I give myself a few days break, even longer sometimes, after two or three weeks practise. Then, when I start up again, and this is the wonderful part, I am, 99% of the time, far improved past the point when I stopped those few days ago.

This may sound odd, but I promise you , it happens. The key is strong, focused practise for a good two weeks BEFORE a few days rest. This seems to give the brain time to let the muscle memory and new neural pathways to subconsciously reinforce all the work you have been doing.

It’s as if this allows the brain to divert the energy it would have been using to help you learn (as you practise) into strengthening the new technique you have taught it. Now, I certainly don’t have a physical explanation for why this happens – all I can do is assure you that for me, and many of my students, it works.

So, there you have it. All of these mental aspects can and will effect every areas of your drumming, so remember, whatever DVD you are emulating, whatever book you are learning from, use these mental aspects – keep them at the forefront of your mind and apply them to your individual situation, and allow them to boost your confidence, your outlook, your ability, your technical and musical self-expectation and the endless joy that drumming should always bring.

Author: Steve Rigg

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