Drum Rudiments

This is a topic that really REALLY worries us, the number of times we meet drummers at gigs who couldn't tell a triplet from a flam is simply astounding. What on earth are the drum teachers of the UK doing for their hard earned money?

I actually met a drum teacher recently who doesn't teach anything past a paradiddle or flam, his reason? "Well you learn them through playing even if you don't know what they're called."

Partly true, but that's like saying, I don't want to expand my vocabulary because "I know how speak english proper like". If you want to remain the equivalent of a caveman drummer feel free, but if you'd actually like to explore your instrument and become the best drummer you can be, make sure you learn those rudiments, they're invaluable to becoming a well rounded musician.

We're going to be writing an article on application of rudiments shortly so check that out when you have a minute, we're sure you'll be pleased with the results.



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