Accented Semi Quavers and Accents in General...

If you've never explored the world of accents on drums, you're in for a treat because accents can make the most basic of beats spring to life. We're always incredibly surprised how few drummers are able to incorporate accents into their drumming.

For those of you who think we're talking about having a french or german accent, we'll just cover exactly what we're talking about. An accent (denoted by < in the PDF lesson) is quite simply a strike that is louder (or sometimes quieter) than the majority of the other notes in a bar/phrase. Their effect can be quite astonishing when used properly turning 4/4 into 3/4 and back again.

To download a PDF version of the lesson, click on the link. Accented Semi Quavers.

Accents are used everywhere in drumming but Jazz drummers make particular use of them to emphasize particular phrases and sections. Download the lesson and work through the exercises to discover how accents can really add something to your playing.






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